Pan African Forum wishes to issue the following statement regarding the political maneuvers by SADC on Zimbabwe 31st July 2013 election date. The direct intervention by SADC to stifle another country’s judicial system must not be taken lightly by those who adhere to the rule of constitutionalism in Africa.


1.   Pan African Forum welcomes and fully supports the pronouncement by the African Union Commission  Chairperson  Dr. Nkosanzana Dlamini - Zuma on the controversy surrounding Zimbabwe’s election date.  Zimbabweans must be left  alone to resolve issues of their election dates without outside interference. SADC has no role to second guess Zimbabwe's courts.

2.    SADC's actions are tantamount to meddling into internal affairs of a member state that is coming out of woods from the violent route that MDC triggered on Zimbabwe. Mr. Tendai Biti, Morgan Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube called for violence and sanctions against  the  people of Zimbabwe and helped to kill millions of mothers, and children through economic blockade of Zimbabwe by Western Europe. Such actions loaded with imperial toxins have brought misery for the people of Zimbabwe and most parts of Africa.

3.     Constitutionalism in Africa is at times thrown out of the window for the sake of political expediency like what  MDC factions want for Zimbabwe. It is the mandate of constitutional Court to interpret matters that are contentious in nature. The interpretation of election  time  frames and dates are accordingly  subjected  scrutiny  of the constitutional court of Zimbabwe not by  the communiques issued by political settings. SADC can only advise but not supervise election roadmap of Zimbabwe. For SADC to shrink the constitution of a member country is interference of the highest level...

4.  The shrinkage of constitutionalism in Africa is the danger that Africa has faced for over 50 years after the first independence, African opposition political parties only agree to constitutions when they favour them. They then shrink them as soon as they begin to bit   their  interests. The court in Zimbabwe did the right thing to interpret the constitution by declaring 31st July 2013 as the date when elections in Zimbabwe were to be held. The moribund GPA and all its functions over lived their usefulness. Lots of fatigue had crept in from the MDC mouth pieces that work on the timetables of their western masters.

5.  It is wrong for any political organ like SADC in Africa to politicize elections in Zimbabwe when the judicial systems have interpreted that same matter clearly.  It is true that from 29th june 2013 there will be no parliament, no Morgan Tsvangirai GPA, no Welshman Ncube who have been bankrolled by some western nations to strangulate Zimbabweans again.

6.  Zimbabweans know very well that both mouth pieces (Morgan Tsvangirai and Prof. Welshman Ncube) trotted the   globe to call for sanctions against the same Zimbabweans they now want purport to take to the so called promised land of honey. It is only President Mugabe who resisted sanctions against his people.

7.  The same Head of state of Zimbabwe who happens to be President Mugabe who holds a key to the same constitution that SADC wants diluted  will is the only person mandated by  the constitution to declare  the dates of  the  same elections not SADC or any amorphous bodies that trot  the vast savannah grasslands of Africa multiplying conflicts in every country.

8.  It is widely known that  Mr. Morgan Tvsangirai had peddled rumors in Europe that President Mugabe would die in May 2013 and therefore mayhem would flow like river Zambezi in Zimbabwe after the supposedly departure of liberation Hero of Africa.  Last year Morgan Tvsangirai visited all European capitals informing the people of Europe that President Mugabe would die in May 2013.

9.   In  France for example  he  was awarded the knighthood in the France legion after assuring the French government that he was going to win an election if President Mugabe was dead. Now that he has not died Mr. Tsvangirai has changed goal posts.

10. It is sad for Africans to wish others death when God has not recalled such leaders to Heaven.  The truth behind  this charade  late  elections  call by Tsvangirai and other western sponsored  sycophants in Zimbabwe is that they want to cause the Syrian style of crisis in Zimbabwe  sponsored  and bankrolled  by the  France mercenaries who have been planning for many years with the help of some countries in SADC.

11.  Pan African Forum will stand shoulder by shoulder with patriotic Zimbabweans not traitors, quislings  and  turncoats like  Morgan Tsvangirai and Welshman  Ncube  who have dismembered Zimbabwe.  Traitors  in Africa are buried  at night fall and we hope that  the people of Zimbabwe will bury  Morgan Tsvangirai's open  zip policy  that  has killed one of  our great nations in Africa.


Dr. David Nyekorach – Matsanga.
Chairman /CEO
Pan African Forum Ltd & Africa world Media Ltd
Surrey England