(l)The Pan African Forum Ltd is a forum for defence of Africa and African people on the continent. It was established on September 2012, in Kenya .The Pan African Forum Ltd constitutes an informal network African scholars and university student leaders both current and past. It was formed as a lobby group to support the African Union objectives on international aspects and other initiatives, at national, sub regional, regional and international levels.


(2) Presently the Pan African Forum Ltd is an organisation that has scholars, academics, university student leaders, youth and African patriotic members from 54 nations of the AU.
(3) Membership of the Pan African Forum Ltd is a by invitation from the Chairman. Such members will make significant contributions towards the promotions and sustenance of African Union unity in their own countries, sub-region and the continent. Generally, membership of the Pan Africa Forum Ltd is subjected to membership criteria based on the principle of African patriotism. However, the General Assembly may decide on other eligibility criteria from Diaspora.


(4) The Pan African Forum Ltd was established with the purpose of harnessing African patriotism and defence of Africa. The Pan African Forum Ltd aims at advancing African development, particularly the promotion, enhancement and sustenance of African renaissance. While the ultimate objective is to build developmental capable states, the general objective is to support and complement the work of African UNITY:
•    Conflict prevention, management and resolution.
•    Post-conflict reconstruction and development.
•    Political, social and economic liberation and good governance.
•    Study of African democracy, monitor  elections and  explainhuman rights.
•    Regional integration and cooperation in Africa.
•    National dialogue aimed at healing, reconciliation, peacemaking, peace building and the promotion of a culture of tolerance between and among ethnic groups.


(S) The core competencies  of the Pan African Forum include: Political advisory, economic advocacy, African facilitation, African leadership development and African monitoring and evaluation of African values. The PanAfrican Forum Ltd has competency to advice on the nature and conduct of national dialogue and to facilitate such national dialogue in case of conflict.

(6). Addressing the root causes of conflicts in Africa remains a major challenge to sub-regional and regional organisations in Africa. Beyond elections and the declaration of credible, free and fair, there is still the task of post conflict reconciliation, reconstruction and development which we shall target.


(7) Within the framework of implementing the activities under the various committees established by the Chairmanship with the help  of regional committees; the Pan African Forum will field peace and solidarity missions in conflict zones. These include the Democratic Republic  of Congo (DRC), Somalia and any other areas with consultation of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission.

(8).The International Criminal Court has played a negative role in African politics and our organisation will seek to lobby and intervene in cases that have been wrongly handled like the current Sudan, Libya, Kenya, DRC and many other countries.

(9) The Pan African Forum Ltd will support projects on HIV/AIDS and Agriculture for Self-Reliance.

(10) Finally, the Forum also works very closely with the African Union to monitor issues related to food security and hunger.
(11) Road safety in Africa is very important and Pan African Forum Ltd will undertake research education and advocacy for Road Safety programs and will undertake seminars in all regions of Africa where road carnage is on the increase.