1. Exactly 2months ago I wrote a an article on how foreign observers and how George Soros and Kofi Annan had planned to rig the election of Zimbabwe in favor of MDC Alliance using the French DSGE systems placed in PTS( or known us Parallel Tallying Servers ). The results that MDC Alliance are publishing and quoting are coming from 17 servers placed against Zimbabwe to serve the purpose


2. It is now clear that several servers were placed in the French Embassy in Harare and more of them were placed around Zambia , South Africa ( Home of a well known Zimbabwe IT businessman ) Paris and in Luton where Diaspora MDC Alliance Headquarters are .


3. It is again very clear that using the BVR Data that has been hacked from the ZEC by Chamisa and Tendai Biti henchmen and senior French experts placed in these countries, the MDC Alliance has obtained their OWN DOCTORED and SEXED election results .


4. No wonder MDC Alliance and Tendai Biti plus some media News agencies are reading from a different script about the Election results .Unless action is taken against those experts who are now in Zimbabwe headed by the VANGUARD AFRICA who are based in Chemisa and other opposition leaders houses .


5. The Government of Zimbabwe must rise up to the occasion and check the George Soros and Kofi Annan observers who also have worked as mercenaries and observers in this Elections . There are observer and media groups in Zimbabwe that are out to cause an uprising not to observe.


6. The drums of war that MDC Alliance is manufacturing is a well orchestrated and planned supply line to regime change in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 . Zimbabwe security and Government must wake up from the sleep of Election fever and crack on these chaps .


7. The Supply line that Jonathan Moyo and Mugabe ‘s nephew are receiving Grace Mugabe money from Zimbabwe to service the opposition external activities will put the country at crossroads and it is a matter of time that the MDC Alliance will start this violence .


8. The Entire blame goes to the French operations in Africa and these operations worked on ANC in South Africa and divided Madam Zuma and Rwamaphosa. Those who saw this coming are in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 and should not hide the truth .


9. Lastly some of us have tried hard to write and expose these international cartels but unfortunately mafikizolos (Traitors) are many and in all many shapes.


10. The adolescent behavior of some of the advisers who are near power in ZANU-PF has caught up with those who are supposed to act . This must stop and crack on MDC Alliance malcontents.



God Bless

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