The  Pan  African  Forum  and  Africa Vv'orld  Media  would like to distance  itself from  the baseless,  shallow  and depthless article  which  was  published  in the phony Kenya today website (www.kenya-today.com). In an article titled: Revealed: Fugitive Uganda man behind ICC intimidation and mass withdrawals.

The  hare-brained· Kenya  today  bloggers  put  forward  a  raft  of  accusations  against  Dr Matsanga but what irk the most arc the allegations thal Dr Matsanga is the brainchild behind the mass withdrawal of witnesses at the lnternational Criminal Court.

Ideally, Dr. Matsanga was of the view of not responding to foreign funded hungry stomachs who sell  their birth  right in the Netherlands for  a few cursed imperialistic coins, but the extent, to which the hallucinating social media chatter box has twisted his day dream vision needs to be rebutted so as to wake him up from his comfy fool's paradise of the bloggers.

Therefore Dr. Matsanga who is busy with   other  African  patriotic causes elsewhere has instructed  me to issue a rebuttal statement  which  will  shed  more light  on  the  lies and concoctions of the bloggers.


It 's in the public domain that Moreno Ocampo never conducted any investigation in Kenya, but instead latched on civil societies such as USAJD Kenya, OSF and who procured "fly by night opportunists" that in turn are doubling  up as witnesses at the ICC. You do not need Statistical Thermodynamics to realise that.

Dr. Matsanga treats the lies that have been peddled in Kenya-Today.com as the height of distortion of inforrnation and the ivory tower of political madness and ignorance that we see in those whose culture in Africa is to prostitute the names of others.


(1)  Dr. Matsanga after completing the Uganda peace process in Juba and returning peace to Uganda received amnesty in 2010 from President  Museveni and by the Amnesty Commission  which became functional after the Ugandan National  Assembly passed the Uganda's  Amnesty Act of 2000. Such amnesty cannot be given to fugitives. He respects and upholds the rule of law of Uganda and Britain where he has lived for 27 years...
(2) Dr Matsanga was not a "spokesman for Kony" but rather the head of the LRA Peace delegation and the Chief Negotiator of the talks initiated by the African Union, European Union and  the United Nations  in 2006-2008 that deescalated  violence by striking a happy medium between warring factions in Northern Uganda. Behold! Peace has returned to Uganda.
(3) He was not sneaked by any company  in Nairobi to the UK  in 1985.  He escaped political persecution and has Lived and worked in the United Kingdom for 27 years. He is a proud  father of eight  grown up children who can write better  English than the bloggers.
(4) Dr Matsanga has never worked for any government  in Kenya,  in the past nor the present and does not  hold  brief for  President  Uhuru or Deputy  Ruto or for any religious, political or social movements in Kenya. There is nowhere in Kenya that he is on Government payroll or where he has a contract with any government institution.
(5) Dr  Matsanga  is  not  a  frequent  visitor  to  Netherlands  as  purported  in Kenyan­Today.com, he visited The Hague  in 2011 during the confirmation hearings, just like the batch of Kenyan MPs  who were at  The Hague at that time and  have been spared  all manner of rotten  accusations. Why Matsanga?
(6) Dr Matsanga does not bid witnesses like what Kenyan NGOs do their fellow citizens. Its common knowledge that witnesses are firmly protected under the ICC victims and protection unit and any accusation that Matsanga has infiltrated the ICC trial chamber washes away as sheer fantasy and manifest nonsense.
(7) Dr Matsanga was not a Mugabe Public Relations Consultant but an African patriot who fought hard and kept away "Hamburger boys" from parading their pride flag in Zimbabwe. Mugabe is still the president & there is piecemeal removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe. Does History and posterity not set him free?
(8) The only witness that Dr Matsanga exposed  was witness  No 4, (Maina  Kabutu) whom the International Criminal Court  agreed was a blatant liar  who  had recanted  his evidence way back before the confirmation hearings.

Unmasking the horrid Kenya-Today.com

The Kenya -Today  bloggers are a chain of ideologically bankrupt puppets that would harp around anything in order to pander to the whims of (a) Their masters/handlers (b) Their inconsolable political fan base which  has a  high demand  of "therapy of words" which pacify their  political demise.

Truth be told, Kenya-Today  bloggers are funded by Orange Democratic Movement  leader Raila Odinga and his sister who are in fact at the centre of talks between chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda and the mafia gang that wants to take the leadership of Kenya after imprisoning Uhuru and Ruto.

The  Kenya-Today website who's  IP address  is []  and  are  hosted  by Cyso Hosting B.V in Rotterdam  in the Netherlands and are French DSGE agents and American CIA agents allied to Raila Odinga who are out to look for a scape goat to blame for the inevitable fallout of  witnesses like poker cards at the ICC.

The Kenya -Today.com also is currently hosting the Jackal news also at the Netherlands.

Dr Matsanga was investigated by the International Criminal Court on trumped up charges of witness interference which he was fully cleared off  in 2012. Therefore his conscience is utterly clear in all these allegations.

It's  unfortunate that Raila Odinga and the Orange Democratic Party diehards (who are finding it hard to smart from election defeat) can hire hoodlums operating in Netherlands to maim, dismember and sodomise the character and the reputation of Dr  Matsanga.

The Kenya-Today bloggers have decided to gather juicy titbits, half-truths and bits of information, then lace them with rumours gathered from pork and meat joints and bars which they feed to their readers on a daily basis.

The Pan African Forum can indeed confirm that Kenya-Today.com are the same terrorist networks that are linked to Zimbabwe's Baba Jukwa  who have decided to take a new dimension  in fermenting  democracy  in Africa  by whipping frenzy populations on social media against elected governments in order to achieve an Egypt Arab spring in Africa.

I would like to state that Dr Matsanga has devoted most of his time investigating the rotten Office of the Prosecutor which bungled,  procured, bribed,  faked, and  sexed evidence to incriminate ODM rebels and PNU hardliners.

It is not a riddle wrapped up in an enigma or witchcraft to realise that  the mass withdrawal of witness adduce to the fact  that no grain of truth can be found on the witnesses lips when testifying against  the accused before the International Criminal Court. These witnesses were coached and that is why they are fleeing the dock.

Dr Matsanga does not bribe, intimidate or bid witnesses as alleged  by Kenya-Today.com but rather his tools of analysis informs his works and predictions on ICC most of which have come to pass.

We condemn diaspora malcontents who sit in regal  idleness and manufacture half­ truths, white  lies juxtaposed with Dr Matsanga's name to desperately court  traction. You will be defeated  before you start! A watched pot never boils.

It's not Dr. Matsanga's fault that witnesses are falling like flies from the ivory towers of justice at the ICC, but rather the fault ofthe office of the Prosecutor (OTP) which is to blame for the bungled investigations in the Kenyan Cases.

The Pan African Forum and the Africa World Media would like to float to the attention of the International Criminal Court rogue agents operating in Rotterdam who are at the centre of witness bungling. The Netherlands who are muddying the waters and obscuring justice in the on-going trials at The Hague. We have written to the Dutch police on the matter.

Dr Matsanga has ashamed local civil Societies, intermediaries and political mafia gangs who fixed political opponents (whom they perceived as non-reformers) in the hope of getting a leeway to power. Truly  hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper. Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are at the helm of executive authority in the Republic of Kenya.

We therefore demand an immediate institution of a commission of inquiry into the alleged witness procurement saga. Dr Matsanga is willing to testify in a fully commissioned inquiry at the ICC, so at to put to rest allegations from mere agitators in the streets of Netherlands who if not checked will grow in leaps and bounds and create an Egypt style scenario in the Republic of Kenya.

By Fred Bukachi,

Personal Assistant for Dr. Matsanga.
Nairobi, Kenya
Pan African Forum Ltd & Africa world Media Ltd
Surrey England