Keen political observers and political theorists will opine that Zimbabwe’s political matrix is an enactment of Charles Dickens “A Tale of Two Cities”. One hand is ZANU/PF that represents a solid optimistic narrative, and a paranoid opposition MDC-T that has never seen and seemed determined never to see anything good that the government has done thus far.

To this end, one may easily confuse opposition for civil society than a government-in-waiting. Listening to their cacophony of policies, blueprints and social contracts with the masses/manifesto; one would be forgiven to think MDC-T is coming to invent the wheel, yet in all basic realities, wisdom has it that it can only stop and restart the wheel.

In many civilized mature democracies, opposition often seek—as a best practice—to improve on what good the government has done, expunge the bad by improving on good governance and introduce new policies cognizant to the fiscal realities.

What MDC-T is seeking is a 360 degree policy shift; this is a suicide formula for the country. Sudden new change often leads to total collapse of systems. What MDC-T is not telling Zimbabweans is that it is seeking to kill the nation. They are caught in the circus of inadvertently telling Zimbabweans why they are unfit to lead and why they must never be entrusted with power.

Admittedly, this glaring intellectual deficit in their thinking, invites a great debate as to if MDC-T is a political party or a personality cult founded on, and orbiting around its legendary leader, the late Morgan Tsivangirai and his latter-day disciples led by Chamisa.

Their ideological identity is Morgan, a social democrat who left behind a vicious gang of clueless power-lusting despots known more for perambulating allover while rumbling like preachers high on cocaine.

The litany of fabrications and illusory comments by opposition leader Chamisa gets me wondering as to if this suited-thug lives inside a bubble oblivious of what Zimbabweans aspirations, or he is just one of the many cheeky political comedians field crowding the political. I hold the latter. It is either MDC-T doesn’t know what Zimbabweans want or MDC-T doesn’t want what Zimbabweans want.

Interesting indeed, if overriding theme of politics is to capture power, then this unseriously stubborn conduct of MDC-T is a prima facie evidence that MDC-T is not keen to capture power, but in it regale Zimbabweans. These comedians are in the presidential contest to add statistics, their rightful place is in the amphitheaters and TV reality shows.

All said, after keenly observing MDC-T, permit me to announce its plethora of ailments which if not urgently treated, then it risk being transformed into a neighborhood association or tribal political contraption. This is a clinical diagnosis, not a matter of baseless or subjective criticism.


Does it bother anyone, that MDC-T (and opposition in Africa) to a large extent is always pessimistic and its conversations converge around paranoia, fear-mongering, hopeless-ness and doom? They are dooms day prophets completely unconcerned with hope for a better future, better alternative policies and national posterity. What then do these eschatological characters stand for? What future are they selling to their own children! When Chamisa is out of the country, he is busy begging for sanctions and admonishing the government, this de-marketing mentality only spell economic disaster and to what benefit will Chamisa as the opposition figure-head derive out of these misery? Chamisa should be fed a few cups of wisdom from this old Igbo wisecrack “only a fool throws a stone in the market, unaware that it could also hit loved ones”. In his conceit, he thinks sanctions will only affect ZANU/PF supporters. This is utter idiocy!


There is a new gale of revolution sweeping MDC-T like wildfires of Canada, revolution of thoughtless-ness. They want to build bullet trains, expel Chinese, grow economy in 2 months, build macaroni roads in 6 months among many other delusional ideas whose practicality lies exactly in a dream.

To achieve these within the given timeframe, Chamisa and his congenitally lying gang at Harvest House will need to sleep for 5 more years to achieve this in their dreams.

There are immediate problems and challenges facing Zimbabwe, problems that merit seriousness such as food security and access, jobs, education, corruption, availability of currency, return of Zimbabwean Dollars and its related stability among others, yet MDC-T in its copy-pasting mission went to steal manifestos of party ideally operating in developed states such as Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Japan etc.

Did they even learn from recommendations of their own political consultant Alex Magaisa, whose report greatly accused MDC-T leadership of impunity, myopia, insensitivity, incompetency, disorganization and dereliction of duty? The report further made recommendations that the current group of leaders seem to pay a lip service. Obviously, they listened but they were not hearing, just like the proverbial stone that the hyena complained to.


A question that has been asked severally is; who exactly is funding the rosy lifestyle of Chamisa funded by billions in his account and his MDC-T party. Many finger are pointed at Australia which for one time called for assassination of President Robert Mugabe, and went ahead to offer financial reward to anybody who had the courage to assassinate the president.

Such reckless foreign actors, funding Chamisa is a coup against patriotism. Another person believed to be pumping serious cash on this contraption is Hungarian-American fugitive and regime change exponent George Soros, the man whose name is a nightmare come true to innocent Civilians who suffer from his heinous subterranean activities in the event of state collapse.

George Soros is an enemy of peace and his footprints are found allover Zimbabwe opposition through the many foreign observers and bogus NGOs shouting themselves silly on this cliché of “FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS”.

To them free and fair means presidency be given to Chamisa whether he wins or loses. Such a poisonous idea they are busy planting in the mind of his supporters as a recipe for a post-election violence.


"MDC-T is densely ignorant of Zimbabweans political culture, social construct and historical experiences. As they cleverly push the colonial agenda while dressed in opposition toga, Zimbabweans must never forget that these are bought-and-paid-for colonial puppets speculating to sell Zimbabwe to their imperial masters in Europe. Same masters who connived with Chief Lobengula to sell its people as slaves to Cecil Rhodes and his malicious colonial gang in 1888"


Going through its policy documents, one obvious point is that MDC-T is too disconnected from daily struggles of the popular masses because of its elitist orientation. MDC-T is openly clueless, and that’s why Chamisa’s institutional memory fails him whenever he address rallies.

These are a collation of leprous ideological bankrupts who stand for nothing and fall for anything. If Chamisa is not lying about Trump promising to give Zimbabwe money, he is lying about developing Rwanda’s ICT infrastructure, or insultingly demeaning women how he can easily make them pregnant.

His body language and words, paint a picture of a man so divorced from basic realities and struggles that he has reduced himself into a political comedian.

If MDC-T was a solution, then it represents the past, a solution for COLONIALISTS during the colonial-era Zimbabwe. ZANU/PF speaks the heart and mind of the commoner, and thus a veritable representative of the masses future aspirations and needs.

In conclusion, MDC-T has greatly proved that it is not interested in power for the betterment of Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans but for their self-aggrandizement and colonial return (directly) and indirectly through multinational companies with colonial mindsets.

In fact, MDC-T has proved beyond reasonable doubt that it lacks the skills, imagination, expertise, experience and temperament to manage affairs of men in Zimbabwe.

This means the elections will be between ZANU/PF AND ZANU/PF, the presidential contest is shaping to be a contest between Emerson Mnangagwa and Emerson Mnangagwa. Little wonder, experts who did the recently released poll by Pan African Forum Ltd gave Mnangagwa a rating of 70%. We are now vindicated.

God bless ZIMBABWE

Dr. David Nyekorach Matsanga




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