Dear beloved Kenyans, fellow Africans and the world at large,




1.   Kenyans my Africans and supporters worldwide, I have walked on this journey against ICC on pro-bono basis and  as a volunteer from  Africa  who  wanted  justice  for  both suspects and victims. I am writing this final letter  to the people of Kenya and Africa and international community at large, that my ICC torrid journey  will soon come to the end. On Thursday 27th February 2014 I was in The Hague to continue with  my push to have Kenyan cases dropped or terminated.  This is because in  both  cases evidence  was procured bungled, sexed, doctored by ICC investigators with the help of Kenyan NGOs and international intermediaries like Prof  Jacqueline  Klopp  and  Prof. Makau  Mutua among others .

2.  The shocking revelations by witnesses  in case one of Deputy  President  William Ruto and Arap Sang vindicate  me.  The cases were built  on fallacy and it has shocked many international observers on how bungled  evidence can be allowed  in ICC court  and the Trial goes on  as if  nothing  is wrong.  Just like case two  of  President  Uhuru  Kenyatta where  liars were lined up to lie, case one of Deputy William  Ruto and Arap Sang has a litany of lies and the court should immediately  terminate such lies to protect  the image of ICC in Africa and internationally.

3.   Both cases of Kenya should be terminated by the court and the President of the court should constitute a commission  of inquiry  to look into the workings  of OTP on Kenyan cases: This inquiry  will  find out who lied, How far the lies have affected  the image of the  court, What  damage  did  the  lies have on the  suspect's  case? Who carries  the blame after the lies? When is accountability triggered in in ICC? Where does this leave the  future  and the image of the world court?  Above all who is culpable  in international standard?  Is Fatou Bensouda who just followed the lies of Ocampo or Is Luis Moreno Ocampo who lied and used lies to confirm charges against the suspects?

4.   Kenyans, my fellow  Africans and world at large, the whispers and the writings  are on the  wall that the  final judgment  day is about  on President Uhuru  Kenyatta case. This case died the day I exposed a liar, who  had recanted  his evidence, and the evidence was later  used by Luis Moreno Ocampo to  confirm  charges against President Uhuru Kenyatta. Mr. James Maina  Kabutu  who hails from  Kirinyanga  Kenya and commonly known  as (OTP4) was the false hinge that  the ICC paid architects to bring to court to justify the nailing of President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya.

5.   Kenyans, my fellow  Africans, and world at large, in coming days, weeks, or months the Judgment day for the case against President Uhuru Kenyatta will be published and the truth will be known.  I believe that  the same liar Mungiki witnesses are the ones who provided  the story of MONEY and BANK accounts as stated by the same Chief Prosecutor openly  in court  that  she relied  on the  fabricated evidence. If that  is the case why  does she need bank accounts whose heap of lies was supplied  by Mungiki liars?  This case must collapse!  If OTP has conceded openly that OTP4, OTP11,OTP12, and many other  liars sold their  birth rights  for  a few  dollars  to  fix  President  Uhuru Kenyatta  then why should such a case continue  in an international court  which is the Temple of international Justice?

6.   Kenyans, my fellow  Africans and the world at large, this is not my main pre-occupation in this  letter  where  I want  to  revisit  the issue of Makau Mutua and international agencies. I have known  in my heart that I was right from 2008 to date that these cases were  flawed  and corrosive  in  nature.  But some western  powers  and some political malcontents  in Kenya helped by Dr. Kofi Annan and Luis Moreno Ocampo to fix their political opponents. Events in the last few months in Kenya and at ICC have proved me right. Kenyan witnesses want to go back home because they were coached 6 years ago and  they  just  can't  stand  the "boiler  temperatures" of  the defence teams of  the accused.

7.  The latest is that the same countries like France, USA, Germany, that schemed to take the wrong Kenyan suspects are at the game again in The Hague trying to find a formula on Kenyan situation. They want to see whom to detain and whom  to set free! This time stating that they want to nail someone in Kenya by hook or crook so that they stop impunity in Africa. They are determined to go against the rulings of the court that must be respected by the so called western developed democracies.  The Chief Prosecutor has gone a notch higher to appeal in defiant  manner that some are worried  as to whether she knows her case is dead?  Who is pushing her to do so? French mercenaries that pay for 70% of the ICC bill want a jail sentence on Kenyan cases nothing short!

8. As of  last week in The Hague there were secret consultations going on in western capitals about the impact of the ICC rulings that could torpedo the peace that has been gained in Kenya since 2007-2008 PEV. Now fellow Africans and Kenyans in particular the question I pose is; why should countries that have serious intelligence reports and facts about  the flawed  cases decide to hold the ICC court  at ransom? Most  of these western  intelligence systems know very well that cases in Kenya were sexed like the Iraq dossier. The truth is that  Kenya lost 1300 people  but  the  investigations by Luis Moreno Ocampo on who did what  and how  it was done has turned out  to be sham. The Chief Prosecutor should concede that mistakes were made and move on.

9.  Kenyans, my  fellow  Africans and  world at  large, the Kenyan cases have earned  me names, enemies, and   pride because I stood  for  the truth that has now started emerging in the Cinema Hall of ICC. The drama  and comedy  that  we see in ICC court was all predicted  by me in 2008 on K24 when I told  Kenyans to be careful about  silly zygotes  like Luis  Moreno Ocampo and  Prof.  Makau Mutua  who were  the main architects of the ICC saga in Kenya. I have stood firm refused to be compromised on this journey of too many potholes and craters. I will stand up to the  end I was right  about the shoddy Kenyan cases.

10. The curtain  is about  to fall as Shakespeare said, "A world is stage where players come and go".   I have done my bit in history of Africa by exposing the fangs of imperialism on African countries. I agree that a new wind of hope has returned  on my side and I am ashamed by the gloomy side that has faced the innocent victims and innocent suspects who  are suffering and who's Souls will linger with doctored evidence.  I single handedly stood on both international and local TV Stations and said that the cases were flawed! Those who committed perjury,  procured witnesses, created  witness academies in Rift Valley, profited from  USAID - Kenya money and those who identified suspects like Makua Mutua must pay.

11. Kenyans, my fellow  Africans and the world at large, Ocampo and Makau Mutua  must stand trial and go to  jail for fabricating the witnesses, coaching witnesses, procuring witnesses, perjury, obstruction of  justice, perversion of course of  justice  and many other  crimes  that  have traumatized this nation called Kenya and that  has wasted international taxpayers money on a legal fantasy full of drama.


Prof. Makau Mutua  a "guard fly" of imperialism Africa:

12.  Kenyans, my fellow  Africans and world at large, allow me return  to main issue of the monster  who crafted  all the  mess that  Kenya is painfully  undergoing:  Prof.  Makau Mutua.  They say every man is wise in his own self conceit, wise even to the extent  of bursting the seams to mislead himself,  but  he has no  right  absolutely to mislead others or the nation-that  would be unfathomable anathema, an affront to art 33(2) (d) -the right to freedom of expression does not extend to advocacy of hatred that (i)­ constitutes Vilification  of  othersinter alia. But Prof. Makau Mutua with all  the knowledge and respect I had for him went out to discredit  me and make me voodoo on the matter  of ICC which he created against Kenyans as an intermediary of Ocampo.

13. In  2008 the  ICC entered  Kenya claiming  they  had  evidence,  false experts  like  Luis Moreno  Ocampo and their  born again converts NGOs of deceit, yes, and the self-styled Justice Tree shakers  sorry  tree shake-err  with   their   jujitsu (not  so  sophisticated) mountains  of theories  and suppositions. Who gloated over their  messianic complex - almost turning into  eudemons to the 2007 PEV Victims, giving false hopes even where hope dead and buried  due to rustiness of investigative faculties  of the OTP at the ICC. Yes, I am talking of none other than "Saint" sorry "say-aint' Prof. Makau Mutua.

14. Kenyans, fellow  Africans  and world supporters  mine, recent  twists  and turns at the International Criminal Court (ICC) puts the Office of the Chief prosecutor (OTP) at cross purposes with  professional  finesse, candor and cardinal  truth to bring  a closure into this  monumental scar of  Kenya's history,  it flogs the  whole  salt  of professionalism planting the seeds of  doubt  in  the  whole office especially with mass recanting  of witness testimonies and mass withdrawal of corporation from the same.

15. These developments vindicates owners  of this school of thought  who often  sustained that  former  chief  prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo was either  a greenhorn,  a legal Lilliputian standing on clay feet or maybe a satrap under influence of some impresarios somewhere  as corroborated by his recent  revelations  on western  envoys pilling pressure on him to block 2013 Uhuru and Ruto candidacy.

16. I must  add  that  Luis Moreno Ocampo's verbosity, penchant  for media gloating riveted to loose grip of law should have been bought  with  a  "caveat emptor", buyer's remorse or previous buyers should by now simply returned  the message back to sender. This monster  Luis Moreno Ocampo who  came to  Kenya to do a shoddy  job and made victims and suspects to suffer must together  with  all intermediaries used to collect witnesses and suspects must stand trial.

17. Kenyans, my fellow African and world at large, at this junction of history in the making, comes a tribe  of cankerous NGOs and Civil societies or sorry Evil Societies inspired with rapacious greed  and  unpatriotic who created  academies of  witnesses  and  procured poorly  coached witnesses whose credibility has become  the  final straw  breaking  the back of justice at the ICC on the 2007 PEV Cases.

18. Initially to them  justice was delayed. Now in this broad day light its being dragged to the sewer-thanks to  the     hanky-panky of  the  feckless monster  Ocampo  and  his staidly benighted  successor Madam Fatuous Bensouda... Indian statesman Mahatma Gandhi had a  point  "A lie doesn't  become the truth by multiple propagation neither
does truth become a lie because nobody  sees it".

19. Kenyans, my fellow  Africans and world at large, this is where commander-in-speech and ICC bloviator numero uno Prof.Makau Mutua falls-yes, the band leader of a group of sock puppets loaded with oomph and zeal of someone who has swallowed  a whole tray of the mythical quail eggs-who viewed ICC from  the prism of a cash cow turning their mouths into  "Kariobangi light  industries" to manufacture  and flood this country with propaganda, perfidy  and mendacity  reloaded. Can someone in Kenya say Oh my! Waa my!

20. Interestingly Makau is a Kamba name to mean warrior, but what war could this Makau be fighting? If not heavily armed with WMDs (Weapons of Mass Deception) to fight and obliterate the truth and  justice he feigns to pursue. Prof Makau Mutua became a conveyor belt of lies and fabrications that are now haunting the Prosecution at the ICC.

21. Prof. Makau Mutua has transmuted  into a devil's advocate championing his course here on earth with his torrent of  pernicious articles fashioned on  sloppy narratives oscillating  from  pathos to bathos, taking advantage of  the wide circulation of  The Standard Daily to intoxicate  the minds of gullible Kenyans cloistered in sloth to research for reasons best  known to them.  Yes, he has become a vector  of  ignorance, an ignoramus at best.

22. In the book of 1 Kings 18:21-38 a story is told of how Prophet Elijah  faced off with the 450 prophets of  Baal who shouted  from  morning to evening, but  their god never answered them.  Maybe their  cry wasn't loud enough that their god didn't  hear, maybe their god was meditating, busy, on a journey, or perhaps he was sleeping and had to be waken up. But like truth always stands the test of time Elijah's God reigned supreme by answering his prayers with fire. This God of mine has answered me because I stood for the truth.

23. So here was and is Prof. Makau Mutua the fortune teller churning false prophecies at the speed of light, speaking with authority  like a riofaineant (King without  royal powers) of the ICC OTP office-in fact this is prima facie evidence that  he had a hand in these cases. The very subject fixing the cases that keeps him meets top  judicial officers  of Kenya in Europe and in USA and the shuttle legal diplomacy that is being done against the Kenyan suspects in the streets of The Hague and New York.

24. Yes, this is the scourge eating our African intelligentsia today  -they  mortgage  their souls to the devil, sell their conscience to the paymasters quickly morphing into mocking birds of  the paymaster's tunes.  Imagine  a  law  don of  Prof. Makau  Mutua's caliber exhibiting rudimentary mien of a low don. Now, in this coup de theater where his prayer hit  a brick  wall, was his god asleep, was his prayer not  loud enough? Or like the Baal prophets his god was on very long journey.

25. If  Prof  Makau Mutua is the one who tricked  the ICC OTP to demand  from  the government  the bank statements of  the  ICC accused  before the  final  stage  of sentencing and reparations, shame on him.  The same lies of Mungiki are attached to the bank statement  story. It's becoming apparent  that  they are so replete  of hate that they even forgot  that  such a request was a dead ender. There is a banking act here in Kenya and such information could have only been made through the courts  and not unilateral government decision as previously  thought  by ICC prosecutor.

26. Its goofs that  turn ICC into a laughing  stock, making its officers wreak more like legal interns than lawyers, or maybe just maybe they are low-yaars. I guess Prof.Makau must now be hiding inside that rat hole in the mountains of Tara Bora previously occupied by Bin Laden as shame consumes him over his false prophesies, vaunts and faultiness of his crystal ball.

27. Kenyans, my  fellow  Africans  and worldwide followers, its John Bunyan in  his book Pilgrim  progress  that  had the  best words  for  Kenyans concerning  Makau  Mutua  "At these close relatives of his were greatly amazed. It was not that they believed to be true what he said to them, but rather because they thought  that some frenzy distemper had got into  his head....He also intended  to  talk  to  them  again, but  they  began to  firmly resist him. They also contrived  to drive away his demented  frame of mind by means of surly carriages toward  him. Sometimes they would deride, sometimes they would chide, and at other  times they would  quite neglect him", simply ignore this lunatic selling his shame in the market.

28. With  the  cases compromised  and corrupted, its  time ICC drop  those cases and let Kenyans move on to rebuild  their  lives or better still get back, start fresh professional and dispassionate investigation to ensure justice is eventually delivered to both victims and accused.

29. This got me thinking, maybe Macow  is a Prof-err-sir like the village champion called Prof Maji Marefu  et al who dazzle Kenyans with purported "cure" for all diseases using smoke's and mirror, or maybe he is a paper tiger with  zero knowledge beyond the four walls of classroom or maybe he is just yellow-intellectually jaundiced.

30. Distinguished readers of this letter,  this opens a new chapter on this "made in china" version of The Hague interlocutors  led by the  vainglorious Ma-Cow  (who  seemingly suffers from  coccidiosis) and his bunch of Janus-faced evil society, they created  and thrived on this atmosphere of extreme hysteria to block rational thought  and proper conversations on this ICC narrative  maybe  for  their  personal  earthly  gains or  at the behest of their  masters. Woe betides them;  this country  is bigger than  any parochial crass gain.

31. Their unspoken diabolical  trap  for  President Uhuru, Deputy  William  Ruto  and Arap Sang was turned  by God into victory of  the oppressed;  their  venomous  comments blunted  by hands of time  into  trite--  100% unsellable because even the  credulous of Kenyans have become incredulous. Such is what happens to the fate of men like Makau Mutua  and others in Kenya who is deeply steeped in wickedness, same fate that befell Nebuchadnezzar and co.

32. Kenyans, fellow Africans  and  world at  large, I  will  continue standing  for  truth on ICC cases, facts  and Justice  for  victims and  suspects beyond  the darkest  imaginations of these conspiracy theorists intent of turning ICC into a European  Guantanamo Bay for African leaders. Western  countries France, Germany  and  USA that  are pushing  for  a new  formula on ICC cases and forthcoming ruling in the near future must know  that  we are watching their steps one by one by one.

33. That  is why  I have exposed  this strategy. Those in  Kenya  and  Africa  who  have  ears listen and take stock. My role  is to tell it as it is and it is up to those  whose  dockets  are top  protect Kenya to check the facts. These are serious movements against  stability of Kenya and the entire East African Region which the new strategy pushed by the three countries will dismember Kenya.

34. Kenya needs  a break  from  these  malicious strategies of regime change that  are being funded  by external  dark  forces  that  schemed  ICC indictments against  the  suspects. To the  "guard fly" Prof  Makau Mutua I am  watching all  the  steps  of  all your  travel  to Europe and all your meetings  with  the senior  ICC officials  in New York on Kenyan cases. All  your  workings with  Prof  Jacqueline .M.  Klopp  who  is  an  agent  of  Open  Society Foundation and regime  change against Kenya are being  watched by many  Pan Africans like me. The troubles that  this country has undergone since 2007-2008 must come to an end. The peace that  has grown  must  be protected. ICC must  do a honorable thing  and terminate contaminated cases and save the image of ICC in Africa.

35. Africa  must  wake  up  and  remember what  President  Obama  said during his inaugural speech  for  his  second  term, "Where our  troops cannot   intervene we  shall  use  our friendly NGOs and  other democratic means  to  protect  American interests and  the interests of  those  suffering"  Are these  words  coming true?  Are these  words  working the  Kenyan cases? Are these  words  giving  Prof. Makau Mutua an upper  hand  to  rant against all African  leadership that  goes against the USA hegemony in Africa?

36. Prof  Makau Mutua - Kenyan  cases must  be terminated to  preserve  the  image  of ICC. You can  lobby  One Million times  to have  President  Uhuru  Kenyatta,  Deputy  William Ruto and Arap Sang to be locked up in jail for the sake imperialism but the truth remains these  were  cooked   and   politically  motivated  cases  that   should   have   been   well investigated by OTP. Your hubby Luis Moreno Ocampo  decided to join  the  bandwagon of political falsehood that  still haunts ICC.

37. Fatou Bensouda should just own up and say she is not the one who  did the fixing  of the  Kenyan cases it  was Ocampo and Mutua.   Why Fatou Bensouda is holding  and carrying a Cross of Luis Moreno Ocampo and Prof. Makau Mutua  is what  has baffled me as person who blew the whistle in 2008 about Kenya situation?

38. The day will  come when she will  see light  from Matsanga's side and then the drama will emerge from Buffalo University  of Prof. Makau Mutua  and Columbia University  of Prof. Jacqueline Klopp. Prof. Jacqueline Klopp like Prof. Harve Maupue  (French expert on Africa) is an orphan  of neo-colonialism and colonial hangover that  stinks in Africa. These three people manufacture  African witnesses and suspects for sale to ICC through USAID, CIA and French intelligence  mechanisms.

39. I know  the common  thread  that  ties the three  of you which  will  be a subject  for my next attack.  I believe the three of you are now manufacturing and concocting reports about another  African leader and suspect from my Uganda whom you want to send to The Hague. I will continue to hit hard until  all of you realize that Africa has strong men who are cowed down by cheap tactics of "guard flies" of imperialism that has surfaced in ICC.


God Bless you,

God Bless Kenya and the world  at large

Dr. David Nyekorach- Matsanga

Chairman / CEO

+447930901252 London

+254723312564 – Kenya