1. As an Investigative Journalist fo 27 years who unraveled ICC fake cases in Africa and worked on several cases in Africa with Sky news as Africa consultant I believe there are certain missing links that could help the police to unravel the hidden killer.

2. I believe the clues are in the moving car and it’s occupants .How kidnapped occupants of sat ,?What speed was the car traveling at ? Whether the journalist had a camera or not and where are they ?

3. I don’t want to sound like I am Inspector Colombo of the detective films on Televsion but as an investigative Journalist I would ask many question in the cross puzzle of Sharon’s death.?

4. I would be naive if I ruled out political framing and games played in this saga of love triangle and blackmail affair that led to Sharon’s death. Could it be someone wants the post of Governor Obado ? Or could it be there are political wrangles in Migori?

5. This Daily Nation man must know something that the world dies not know.One wonders how the DAILY NATION journalist was able to only get injuries on the knees.?

6.!How did he manage to free himself since he was sandwiched between two men, open the locks (since a vehicle automatically locks itself when in motion) and managed to jump?

7. I was in military trained to high rank that gives one. Skills but jumping out of a car speeding at 100 MPH without completely breaking ones limbs is just a job Angel Gabriel who can do that or Russian circus !

8. How is it that he was able to run faster than his assailants when he had knee injuries? How would the assailants stop pursuing the journalist when they had instructions to eliminate the two?

9. And, even if they failed to recapture the journalist, how do they go ahead and murder Sharon knowing that there is an eye witness who would positively identify them in a parade?

10. There is more than what meets the eye in this puzzle of Sharon’s death. I hear that Obado has refused to bow to the powers that be in Nyanza.Are there any political fault lines that have been reactivated ?

11. Let the DCI take a professional route and begin with the man who escaped from the screen without injure. The man who should be in custody not his friendship

12. This case is a complex case in that it involves many political faces that cannot be ignored. The way the vocal politicians in Western and Luo Kenya have picked up the matter to demand justice is itself a hidden message on the matter.

If I am wrong time will tell ....

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