1. The corrosive meddling of USA in Africa’s elections is a great concern for Africans and friends who genuinely love the content, and desirous of its advancement of democratic experiments and governance structures to deliver people-impacting leadership.

2. USA since the 1960s’ independence gale in Africa unrepentantly operated with great impunity, through rogue CIA to clandestinely install friendly Presidents at the expense of democracy in Africa.

3. In efforts for the USA to foist client regimes in Africa to further its subterranean agenda of plundering natural resources, unfair business practices and engaging in gross violation of human rights it has now used NGOS like OSF of George Soros to create violence on the continent.

4. History will never forget in particular, the brutal murder of populist Congolese politician Lumumba and how the USA through its emblematic mafia-like NGOs manufactured toxic fake news, fabrications and insidious propaganda to return Egypt from an elective democracy to a ruthless “proto- delegative authoritarianism” through an uprising.

5. We are raising a red flag against USA on the upcoming Zimbabwe elections. The predatory claws of the USA and its marauding limbs can be traced to a meeting in March 2018, in Washington between MDC chieftains Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti, and USA Senate foreign relations committee members’ senators Chris Coons and Jeff Flake.

6. Immediately after that meeting, the opposition published its election reforms wish list, and curiously, USA tabled selfsame demands as a precondition to reviewing Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act enacted in 2001 as punishment for Mugabe’s regime.

7. It’s is no longer a secret that these two groups are reading from the same notes, or worse still, the Zimbabwean opposition are either houseboys or house girls serving USA colonial masters in Zimbabwe.

8. The MDC Alliance conditions to ZEC themselves are a collation of laughable mishmash reeking a pretext to something sinister! They demanded inter alia reconstitution of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), de-militarization of the country’s electoral processes as well as allowing Zimbabweans in the diaspora to vote.

9. Gr9-.anted, all these conditions having been met, their tongues have since somersaulted with a new list of bloated demands. One issue greatly illuminated by USA in its list of demands, is that the soldiers deployed across the country are allegedly to “rig” the 30th July Election.

10. ZDF through its spokesman Overson Mugwisi has profoundly stated that they will maintain neutrality and their deployment is to complement police in provision of security.

11. The army has made it clear that they have absolutely no role in the upcoming elections with respect to rigging, or changing its course.

12. Why should USA be incensed with increase of security to protect lives and properties, unless they are scared that the high security alertness will impede illegal activities of their imported mercenaries who have arrived in neighboring countries ? .

13. Nonetheless, these series of false allegations and reports are manufactured by a desperate opposition out to bedazzle its colonial masters, USA.

14. Little wonder, USA has never and will never condemn Nelson Chamisa, himself a beneficiary of the violence gripping MDC and undiluted fact that MDC is the most notorious war-mongering cult in Africa according to various reports filed by Zimbabwe police and several dispassionate NGOs and research firms.

15. We are aware, that boardroom mercenaries erroneously referred to NGOs and a clique of the evil society has received colossal amounts from USA to discredit Zimbabwe Electoral Commission by splitting hairs about “free, fair and credible elections”.

16. This is a well layered foundation of regime change. The projected result is a public insurrection after the results would have been declared.

17. It is important to remind these crooks that no amount of blackmail, obduracy or shameful lies will hand their poster boy Chamisa the presidency through backdoor.

18. Not even the weapons of mass destruction in the rogue hands of USA will defeat the determination of united patriotic Zimbabweans.

19. We are watching with great interest every single development around Zimbabwe elections and will not hesitate to dig out both the root and the branches of negative forces out to influence the poll and defeat the popular will.

20. Importantly, we urge patriotic Zimbabweans to treat Nelson Chamisa with every suspicion he deserves. It is becoming crystal clear even to the blinded of optimists that this political toxin is an unfit representation of change.

21. Everything he touches in his party goes wrong, how then will he redirect the ship of the state? He is a quintessential embodiment of political paralysis, leadership crisis and a tragic failure to leadership.

22. It is only Emerson Mnangagwa who has displayed broadmindedness and political sagacity to make Zimbabwe’s economic engine roar and the echoes be felt in every corner of Africa and the world.

Zimbabweans must Be careful bout USA hegemony against their country.The traitors of MDC must be denied the platform they need to violently regime change Government.

God bless Zimbabwe

Dr.David Nyekorach -Matsanga

London / Nairobi



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