Pan African Forum Ltd welcomes the decision by UN which has finally declared a humanitarian crisis in the Anglophone region of Cameroon and is seeking US$15 million to deliver life-saving assistance and prevent further hardship for the affected population.
Pan African Forum Ltd notes that coincidentally this is coming just a few days after the US decided it will be by-passing the United Nations in the delivery of aid in certain conflict zones in Cameroon.

Pan African Forum Ltd has been at the forefront in calling for UN to return to Resolution 1608 of the General Assembly of 1961.
We note that an interesting development is the UN's acknowledgement of the need to equally request for protection assistance to be provided to the civilian population in #WestCameroon. What this means is that the Cameroon government alone cannot be relied upon to provide the needed protection to the affected civilian population.

Within the UN context, protection encompasses all activities aimed at ensuring full respect for the rights of individuals in accordance with human rights law, international humanitarian law (which applies in situations of armed conflict) and refugee law. (UNOCHA)

This has wide-ranging implications and changes the way the conflict is perceived by the international community. It means the UN has also officially acknowledged the existence of an "organized" armed party, with whom to engage in negotiations to ensure the protection of civilians.
As stated in UN docs, in situations of armed conflict, all parties to the conflict, i.e. States and organized armed groups, must respect and protect civilians.

When national authorities or other parties to the conflict are unable or unwilling to meet these obligations, humanitarian organizations may—with the parties’ consent—provide assistance to the affected population.

We will soon start hearing phrases like a call for a ceasefire to enable the delivery of humanitarian aid. This is not good news for the government of La Rep. du Cameroun.

Pan African Forum Ltd wants UN not to treat the Cameroon government with gloves .Paul Biya must not carry on with his gross human rights abuses on the current scale across the region.

Pan African Forum Ltd wants President Paul Biya to face more international condemnation, thus justifying the need for intervention to protect the civilian population that are being killed by Paul Biya.

Pan African Forum Ltd knows the Paul Biya regime is guilty of targeted summarily killings and cannot be trusted to protect the very population it is targeting and killing on daily basis.

Pan African Forum calls on both the USA to put a no fly Zone and create a protected area for the people of Ambazonia who are being killed, raped, maimed, tortured, murdered, and cleansed by a careless regime of Paul Biya.
God Bless Africa

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