1. This year’s UNGA is very exiting in the sense that the man called Donald Trump whom I have loved since his Election has spoken seriously about ICC and openly told those African doubting Thomases that USA was not bothered or USA had nothing to do with ICC .

2. When the Votes in USA elections were being counted I stood with Trump because of the way Clinton and Obama killed Gaddafi and helped to dismember Libya using all tactics including allowing Ocampo to to use ICC.

3. I have fought this ICC for a long time telling my fellow Africans that it was a fake case and few of them accepted me and majority who wanted to fleece the donor money hated me and called me names.

4. Since 2005 the first ICC cases on African continent from Uganda I have held this notion that there was something missing in ICC. legitimacy .Yesterday Trump put the final nail in the coffin by telling the entire world that ICC was on its own now

5. For more than 20 years since the formation of their exclusive Club cobbled by France and the late Kofi Annan clever nations like USA and Russia with national working judicial systems have distanced themselves from such a court called ICC.

6. It must be remembered that 34 African countries signed and ratified the Rome Statute and Treaty and it means Africa forms a quarter of the needed countries in ICC . It is this support that has kept ICC alive and Africa has to act now .

7.Truth be told that most of the countries in the ICC have firm functioning Judicial systems that can be improved to work more efficiently than ICC but were black mailed by Late Kofi Annan to join.

8. Since 1998 the ICC has remained a cash cow for redundant and moribund legal officials recycled by Kofi Annan and his high priest of corruption Louis Moreno Ocampo who recruited the technical staff and Judges with recommendations from FRANCE .

9. The curtain has now started falling on ICC with the declaration by USA that it will not support and will not have anything to do with the obnoxious illegitimate organization that became the prison Gid mainly Africans in Europe.

10. It is time for Africa to take a quick step of exit under Article 127 of the Rome Statute.There is no more salt left in ICC and it will be foolhardy fir African countries to continue with their membership in the ICC.

11. Kenyan cases were done under the shoddy deals organized by Kofi Annan and Luis Moreno Ocampo as beneficiaries .The actors with the help of international and local NGOs and using WAKI Report stole an envelope and delivered the fake names to ICC.

12. Does Kenya want to wait for a moment before it runs fast? Each time Kenya is faced with question someone sanitizes the matter and it is relegated to non issue but it important to save Kenyans never to be arrested in future by the ICC again the WAKI REPORT must be EXPUNGED from the statute books so that the ICC never uses it again.

13. I leave it to Kenyans to decide on their own course of action but for me it is great day. Trump’s decision has vindicated me and those who called me names I tell you God will never leave you free .


God bless Africa

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