1. I want to thank President ED Mnangagwa for DISMANTLING a George Soros judiciary project that was slowly growing in Zimbabwe judiciary. The Open Society Foundation fronted by George Soros was behind the litigations being filed in the Zimbabwean Courts to create chaos. The purpose of these litigations was to effect a regime change in Zimbabwe.

2. The Zimbabwean Government Must be applauded for thwarting these evil machinations whose aim was to cause violent regime change and despondency within the nation.

3. The use of the legal field was borne out of the realization that the Western backed opposition is in sixes and sevens as they rely on protest votes. The failure to overthrow the Government through demonstrations and protests triggered the evil plan in the Judiciary.

4. The second Republic of President E. D. Mnangagwa has made great strides in bringing stability in the Zimbabwean economy despite being under illegal sanctions from some malcontents in the western world .

5. The Open Society Foundation and USAID are responsible for the funding of organizations like Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights(ZLHR), Zimbabwe Young Lawyers Association, NGO Forum.

6. The USAid recently flighted an advert calling for organisations to apply for funding to safeguard Constitutionalism in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean government should remain vigilant in its quest to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Zimbabwe against the actions of these George Soros funded NGOs.

7. The Government of Zimbabwe should fast track the enactment of its Patriot Act which will render these NGOs inactive as they are sponsored to forment violence, anarchy and destabilize states thus detailing development.

8. The rise of Zimbabwe will change the mindset of many many in Africa to start believing in themselves, the issue why the likes of George Soros want to destabilize Zimbabwe is due to the fact the Zimbabwe took over means of production through the Land Reform.

9. The use of litigation is a new strategy to create Constitutional Crisis and the Open Society Foundation is bribing some judges to pass verdicts that serve the interests of the Western imperialists.

10. The fight for total Indipendence has to to be spread out to all fronts and the Judiciary has been a sector that is still in the hands of Imperialists. There is need to reform Africa's Judiciary to be pro-African and the Judiciary as an important arm of the state must be seen to be protecting Africa not to be used as the Trojan horse by the likes of George Soros and USAid.

11. The High Court Challenge against the extension of Chief Justice Luke Malaba was just the test run of how the NGOs are going to be used in the entire Africa to remove Liberation Movements and those that stand for Pan African values and norms.

12. The Zimbabwean government should keep reforming the Judiciary as a way of safeguarding its sovereignty. The same judiciary in 2000 tried to derail the Land Reform but the Zimbabwean government outwitted them by removing those Judges were remnants of the colonial system.

13. Zimbabwe has embarked on developing its economy under the above leadership of President Mnangagwa and the same Imperialists through OSISA and USAid funded NGOs want to derail Vision 2030 by trying to cripple the Judiciary.

14. 1The Government of Zimbabwe should keep up the good work of developing Zimbabwe and decimating the onslaught by George Soros and his appendages masquerading as NGOs and Tendai Biti is a Vice President of MDCA but he is at the forefront of filing these litigations.

15. Tendai Biti once wrote to Word Bank to stop it from funding Zimbabwe's fight against Covid19 and Zimbabwean government managed to do well in its fight against the pandemic.

16. The same NGOs trying to harp about Constitutionalism and Human Rights are silent when it comes to illegal sanctions imposed by the handlers on Zimbabwe, if they were genuine about the plight of Zimbabwe they should have filed a litigation against US in the ICC.



Dr.David Matsanga,

Chairman Pan African Forum (U)LTD


London United Kingdom