By Dr.David Nyekorach -Matsanga in Mombasa

This week I visited Mombasa for a one day business meeting . When my chauffeur drove me around we passed near Likoni ferry crossing that attracted me and reminded me of UNITY .

I started penciling my notes on how I could coin an article that fits a much needed REDEMPTION STRATEGY in Kenya . I write this article because my heart bleeds due to confrontational nature of politics in Kenya today.

The Likoni channel crossing unites Mombasa island with South Coast. There's a congregation of Kenyans on both sides at every one time waiting to board a connecting Ferry to the other side.

The ferry represents the boiling pot of Kenyan ethnic and racial backgrounds in the purest form possible. In fact, even class extraction is not a factor in the few minutes while aboard the ferry.

Each trip from either part of the channel represents the cohesive destiny of Kenya and underlines the inevitability of unity in diversity.

When crossing the ocean every corner of Kenya is on the ferry. The search for a fortune has led to a convergence of interests and destinies..best represented symbolically by the ferry crossing.

Every successful crossing is a testament to the resilience of the Kenyan people. Then, if Kenyans are one while in search of daily bread...why should periodic electioneering periods divide the people?

The above question is what the HANDSHAKE between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga seek to answer. To consolidate the unity of the country there must be a symbol of that HANDSHAKE that will remain historical in the fibre of humanity in Kenya and the world .

The jigsaw of ethnic conflagration because of divisive politics must be incinerated in the inferno of cohesion, posterity and equal development across the broad spectrum of Kenya's needs.

In fact, if I'm asked , the first anniversary of the HANDSHAKE should be celebrated aboard the Likoni ferry. That is where the practical interdependence of the people is on a daily manifestation.

So when you board that ferry today and/or in the future ask your self deep questions knowing that you are aboard one vessel in deep waters which is like a NATIONAL ROSARY.

As these tempers flare up due to early political campaigns my role as an African who has read the subject of CONFLICT RESOLUTION I need to rise above PETTY DIVISIONS and give candid solutions to the current status .

The LIKONI FERRY in Mombasa stands as a symbol of unity in Kenya because the ferry carries all TRIBES of Kenya.

Let the world know that it is only a REDEMPTION STRATEGY of BUILDING OF BRIDGES INITIATIVE that can cure the ETHNIC and TRIBAL accrued hate in Kenya .

Kenyans should not allow CORRUPTION , to steal any mechanical part or drill a hole through the ferry that hates ETHNIC incitement. Don’t allow anymore HATRED to grow in Kenya . That is my LIKONI FERRY in Mombasa.

DATED 10.01.2019

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