Answering Julius Makema in his outbursts on Zimbabwe . These are the Key points to note about Malema . There is evidence that we shall reveal to the public that Julius Malema is not what he stands for in Africa . From Mandela -Thambo Mbeki - Zuma - now to the current President , Malema has been used by a foreign country to destabilize South Africa andbother countries.

◼️ “Malema is too politically lonely and ideologically adrift to give any meaningful contribution to Zimbabwe”.

◼️ Malema’s energy could be more useful in organizing demonstrations against xenophobia in South Africa.

◼️ Zimbabwe is a sovereign state which does not take instructions from individuals, and certainly not from untutored puppets.

◼️ No doubt, Mr. Malema still wishes he were with the ANC, who gave him glory, but he regrets burning the bridges when publicity intoxicated him.

◼️ Julius Malema is a known insufferable political flip-flopper unfaithful even to himself.

◼️ No dividing wedge is too strong for Zimbabwe and South Africa’s revolutionary and diplomatic ties, no matter how oily or noisy it is.

◼️ By waging a bitter and protracted liberation struggle, wherein patriot cadres made the capital sacrifice, losing precious lives and limbs in the process, the revolutionary ZANU-PF party proved its fullest commitment to Zimbabwean lives.

◼️ Captained by the shrewd Cde ED Mnangagwa, the ZANU-PF led administration continues to leave no stone unturned, even amidst adversity, to ensure that Zimbabwean lives are safeguarded.

◼️ The land issue still remains at the crux of Zimbabwean politics, being both our economic lifeblood and the reason why so many sons and daughters of the soil took up arms to dislodge colonialism and imperialism.

◼️ Zimbabwe’s anti-colonial struggle was not driven by racism, but by universal egalitarian principles in which every colour of skin mattered, as it still does today.

◼️ The successful prosecution of the liberation struggle was mutually self-propelling for those who went into it; it needed no monetary incentive, lectures, or noise from outside.

◼️ We will not allow Cde ED Mnangagwa’s Second Republic to be slandered by a shady political opportunist whose only claim to ideology so far is just being able to sing in coarse tunes for the highest bidder.

◼️ Our government’s move to compensate former white commercial farmers for improvements on land fulfills requirements of the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe Chapter 16, Section 295 Subsection 3, as read with Section 72 Subsection 3(a), and addresses a legacy diplomatic aberration.

◼️ The Zimbabwean constitution is - as a matter of principle - colour blind, and equally so is the government under Cde ED Mnangagwa.

◼️ The land reform programme in Zimbabwe was instituted to correct a grievous historical imbalance in land tenure, not to settle racist scores.

◼️ The compensation agreement therefore does not in any way, seek to reverse the gains of either the land reform programme or the liberation struggle, but actually consolidates our inclusive Zimbabwean claim to it.

◼️ Julius Malema has, pitiably, joined the bandwagon of “gongs for hire” recruited to make noise on behalf of the spineless and intellectually bereft Zimbabwean political opposition.

◼️ The opposition’s habit of impressing their sponsors by manufacturing chaos whenever we approach international gatherings has grown sickeningly predictable.

◼️ “Zimbabwe is not a jungle that thrives on capricious laws of natural justice. We are a constitutional democracy. Those who violate the law should therefore not cry foul when the same law punishes them .

⚫️ Zimbabwe must not give in to regime change of George Soros .




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