As a Political Scientist and Investigative Journalist I find it strange how normal citizens of Africa can turn on the Governance system and destroy it from within . The cartels seem to to be frustrating President Kenyatta in his fight against corruption in Kenya .This is my own observation that can vary with others.

Handshake & building Bridges came handy

But the newly found friendship between President Uhuru Kenyatta and other political nemesis has ushered in a new era. The building of bridges has brought in a new dawn of hope that has balanced the “Machiavellian politics of money hungry individualism” That is the truth of politics today .

Machiavellian strategists at work

The trend of Machiavellian strategist defending self made stories and diversionary tactics will vanish once President of Kenya takes a central hard stance on Machiavellian operators that create pitfalls of insanity in the Government.

Despondency disease must be stopped

President Uhuru Kenyatta has several options to deal a blow to those frustrating his efforts to rid Kenya off corruption. With the TYPE of popularity he enjoys now he can to stop the country from going into stages of Despondency .

The truth is that there are hidden hands behind this type of creature called Despondency that is slowly creeping into the Government and country. The type of Kenya’s Despondency is caused by both internal factors in Government and hidden forces of “Machiavellian politics”

Fighting for status quo

The group that is fighting for status quo is Hell bent to plant their own acts of Despondency and come out in the media to defend the same acts in the same media houses. Reading the book “THE PRINCE” one can conclude that the purpose is to injure the image of the President of Kenya .

New Era of unity of purpose

But what the President can do is to use the new era of unity and cooperation that gives the President of Kenya to re-emerge into a United Political Kingdom which will help him to fight CORRUPTION without fear or favor .

Fears of lifestyle and cartels

Let the President use this chance to crush the internal silent resistance against corruption that has made people scared and triggered the route to Despondency . The life style audit and war on corruption has united the CARTELS against the Kenyan establishment .

The handshake train is left the station

The new dawn of coming together to forge alliances and build bridges so as to fight together for Kenya has emerged out the Handshake Political train that has united the masses against Corruption .

The magical handshake has created a new political atmosphere. The political rivalry and the high temperatures has cascaded down giving way to harmony. Those of Machiavellian political traits seem to have evaporated and gone into hiding and fighting from closed door politics that kills Africa.

Use the handshake tide

The handshake tide has since been sweeping across the country. The crackdown on corruption and the renewed energy of fighting graft can all be attributed to the handshake. Let the President.

The unity pact was timely and necessary. Apparently, the hanshake injected the much needed energy and the political goodwill of eradicating corruption from our governance system.

Those with affinity to steal

The cartels and those who have affinity of stealing from the public coffers are now in grave fear of being prosecuted. Corruption must now be the number one enemy of this country , Kenya.

Results of Anyi-corruption fight

While most Africans applaud the great work the agencies tasked to tame the monster are doing, the country would like to see more individuals who embezzled funds meant for development prosecuted and jailed. This will serve as a good deterrent to others and send out a powerful message that corruption will not be tolerated in Kenya.

The big whale still alive

For the current struggle to rid the country from the tight grip of corruption to succeed, the focus should be trained on the big whale. The influential and powerful individuals that have amassed huge amount of wealth through dubious and suspicious ways.

Source of wealth must be stopped

These individuals must be investigated and subjected to stringent lifestyle audit. The source of their wealth and assets must be put under the microscope to ensure its legitimacy.

Africa applauds President Uhuru Kenyatta

Pan African Forum applauds the fruits of the handshake and backs the fight against corruption to succeed. The success of the anti graft campaign will hugely impact Kenyans positively.

The realisations of the BIG 4 AGENDA will depend on this process of stopping Despondency syndrome and getting rid of corruption in Kenya .


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