1. I stand with the people of Kenya at this hour of grief. A tragic terrorist attack at a Dusit Hotel in Kenya yesterday is a sign of cowardice. Al-Shabaab are cowards who look for soft target . They are now defeated inside Somalia and remnants are on the run.

2. Again it appears that there is a new “terror sleeper cell” in the country that has reactivated itself . This attack shows that there are traitors working with terrorists to bring chaos in Kenya . The type of rented terrorism that we saw in the coast those dark days might be creeping back .

3. The country of Kenya had seen relative calm for sometime due to the efficiency and hard work of the NIS leadership that tracks and gathers all intelligence reports on the movement and operations of terrorists in and out of Somalia .The last 3 peaceful years in Kenya brought hope to to the citizens of Kenya .

4. The tragic terrorist attack has shown and confirms to us that we still have these evil amongst us . The evils who are able to purchase cars and sleep amongst us and then take a daring drive in broad day light on Camera and strike soft targets .

5. It is now clear that Kenya and Africans are living in an inverted society where norms of moral conduct have been corrupted and vandalized almost beyond redemption. One way or the other these terrorists must have bribed someone somewhere in Kenya in order to achieve their terrorists objectives

6. This comes only a day after the Judiciary of Kenya released one of well fed terrorist from prison due to corruption and other factors . The well-shaven terrorist must have been happy as he walked back to operate again . The judiciary must help to stop more attacks by considering national interests first.

7. These terrorists must have come in contact with some Kenyans or some Kenyans must have let them in or given them accommodation and space to plan such a daring operation in the heart of Kenya .If that is the case then :What has killed the morals of our people ?

8. It is sad that some people in Kenya know these terrorists and they are even watching the TV stations as they murder innocent people in hotels .Why has it reached this stage ? It is because the social structures have collapsed .?

9. Immorality is being glorified and even advertised on our media . Evil has become virtue and virtue is scorned upon. Greed has become the guiding north star, nothing is spared when greed replaces conscience...not even ones own children!

10. However, Kenyans and all of us have to look at ourselves directly in mirrors and ask the correct questions as opposed to being politically correct. Who are this collaborators who harbour envy against Kenya ? Who are these who assist terrorists with logistics of where to strike and when to strike ?

11. To help intelligence agencies to gather more intelligence on the movement and planning of attacks the PUBLIC must start working with the relevant security agencies to report these type of preparations . That is the only take the society can do to help security agencies .

12. The gist of my argument here is to raise concern on how Kenyans should protect the country so that such disturbing cases become extinct. Let us report anything suspicious to the security agencies

13. Otherwise I want to express my resolute condolences to families of the bereaved, and I pray for a speedy end to the Nairobi hotel terrorist attack.

God bless

Dr.David Nyekorach -Matsanga



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