1. Many might get ties and ask why I keep on reminding Kenyans how corruption has created conflicts on the African continent. It is because I love Kenya and I see the dangers it might face if it does not fight corruption.

2. This Sunday after my morning prayer from my house I decided to pen this down for records and to remind the African people not forget the WAR ON CORRUPTION .

3. The conversations on corruption must not be overshadowed by other issues lest we loose focus on this important topic. Kenyans should fix their hearts and minds on the fight to liberate the country from the corruption menace.

4. Comrades , graft scandals are wrecking the country. To be a bit more bold and comprehensible, Kenya is being milked dry by the agents of darkness and high priests of corruption.

5. The Judicial system of Kenya is rotten and crippled by individuals who have vested political interests to amass as much wealth as possible. The entire plan is to frustrate the Government-in the fight against corruption .

6. Taxpayers are watching their money being embezzled through bribery and 'loyalty purchasing' as the country gears towards the next general elections in 2022.The bleeding must be stopped by overhauling the Judiciary and the criminal justice system of Kenya .,

I want to particularly applaud the great job done by President Uhuru Kenyatta in spearheading the war against graft. The DCI , NIS and the ODPP to have been exceptionally excellent in dealing with graft cases.

But I still reiterate, the problem with our criminal justice system starts and ends with the judiciary. 
Incompetent, compromised, corrupt. ..... name it are the Hallmarks of Judiciary of Kenya .

The Judiciary led by CJ need to be closely monitored and its conduct assessed. The toothless judiciary cannot bite anymore. They are a huge let down to the fight against corruption.

The most annoying thing is the way the courts keep pushing the dates toward fir hearings and going by this rate Kenya will see first conviction when the turf coming takes place .

The cases at hand are of NYS and Kidero Empire where the criminals are busy fighting EACC in media , clandestinely meeting the Judges and mixing with the same individual Judges in high hotels in town . This is sad.

At this rate we shall only have CONVICTION ON CORRUPTION IN 2022- God forbid

God bless Kenya. God bless Africa.

David Nyekorach Matsanga.



God bless Africa

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