The intensified calls by  EU Observer mission,  Britain and USA among others in for a “free, fair and credible elections”  is in Zimbabwe is  part of a grand conspiracy fashioned to morally poison the public psyche into believing that the elections have been pre-rigged in favor of the ruling ZANU/PF, as it has happened elsewhere in Africa.

The Government of Zimbabwe and its citizens must know that this psychological warfare is plotted to fit into a rigging narrative in the event –as seen by  current situation where —the opposition candidate Nelson Chamisa, will  be massively floored in the July  upcoming race. 

The blind optimism, false bravado and blue murder cries aside by the opposition in Zimbabwe and their eggheads around Chamisa  know they can’t withstand the ZANU/PF political Armageddon.The MDC knows they  will be pummeled into a pulp at the ballot. A reality clearly revealed by their lousy preparedness and flippant approach into this contest. 


The MDC  machinery is so feeble, ideologically-bankrupt, insanely corrupt and enmeshed in total disarray that the best they can do is to add statistics of presence in the Presidential ballot paper, nothing more.

In view of the above facts and aphorisms, these cacophonies of incessant calls by EU Observer missions and USA confirms our long-held belief that these missions are nothing but a den of opposition sympathizers made of imperialist songbirds and unpatriotic NGO operatives not so keen on the “free, fair and credible” elements of the election but a predetermined outcome where their spanner boys and flower girls in opposition ranks are declared victors. 


In such eventuality, these NGO operatives become fat cats in a criminal empire presided over by their unpopular friends in the system as the Western powers use these leaders to perpetuate imperialism and economic gangsterism where they blatantly loot a nation’s resources to prosper their waning economies at home. 

The more they vociferate on this tired cliché of credible elections, objective minds among patriotic Zimbabweans and the Government  must critically join the dots and smell this stinking tomfoolery from a far. 

These observer missions to Zimbabwe Elections like in Kenyan Elections  last year are on a clandestine programmed yet sinister motive to discredit the poll long before it happens for reasons below: 


1. Sowing seeds of chaos as a recipe fod future political negotiations and allegedly future power sharing syndrome of the George Soros of tjos world ; this formula from the West’s political playbook worked perfectly in Kenya in 2007 resulting into a power sharing between Raila Odinga and Kibaki, in Afghanistan in 2014 resulting into a Grand National Unity government between President Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah.

It also happened in 2009 in Zimbabwe resulting to a similar deal between late Morgan Tsivangirai and Robert Mugabe. 

2. Installing a puppet government for easy manipulation.  In this era of vicious hegemonic fights between world powers, certain known powers would want to install a weak government in Harare which they can easily manipulate and puppeteer. Taking advantage of Zimbabwe’s history in Pan-African interventions and its revered standing in the comity of African nations.It also the fear of Zimbabwe  strategic location within SADCC and proximity to ECCAS and EACC. 

It is  just obvious that foreign jackals and hyenas would be scheming to capture the Presidency for their selfish gains. These power mongers and influence peddlers have found their ground troops in this observer missions who do the same work missionaries did to soften the hearts of Africans to herald the coming of the colonial hegemony .

3. Weakening African democracy and states:  As they scream their lungs out under the guise of “democracy: free, fair and credible poll” to conceal their complex web of deceit and dirty deals, truth remains mightier. 

No amount of gimmickry, mendacity, blackmail or perfidy can bury it! The nefarious activities of these observer missions have led to total chaos, madness, constitutional  anarchy in Africa. 

Look at the countries like Mali, Chad, South Sudan, Cameroun, Central Africa Republic, Congo Brazzaville, DRC, and Gabon aabd Kenya that are today skowly feeling the the toxic comments of  these foreign observers who wear  amorphous toga of “election observers”. 

They nearly killed the state of Zambia by plunging it into chaos in 2016 when they deceived Mr.  Hichilema Hekeinde that he had won against President Lungu.


4. Corporate neo-colonization and the intriguing George Soros Factor: Huge multinational highly companies continue to pour colossal amounts of monies into African elections to determine the next president so as to continue their wanton economic rape and turmoil which has ensured Africa is still walking in diapers of infancy many years after independence. 

These companies fund several NGOs associated with these electoral reform calls and so called observer missions through a sustained propaganda complete with agitprop, falsehoods and half truths. Their interest comes first, the nation second and will go to any length to ensure a character they can control and win badly negotiated concessions in their favor. 

Such companies include BECHTEL ENGINEERING CORP of USA closely associated to Washington which lobbied for the bombing of Libya after being denied tenders worth billions by Gadaffi’s government. These companies funded several NGOs in Egypt which gaslighted the nation leading into president Mursi’s overthrow based purely on fake news, icebergs of disinformation and  gale of fabrications.

We know what’s going on in Congo. It is at this point that capricious characters like Hungarian billionaire George Soros and his Soroptist international finds their foot, sneaking into a nation through NGOs, misleading the public, sparking violence then rob her minerals clean as the masses die in the ensuing melee.


The state of Zimbabwe must be extremely cautious against these latter-day saints calling for “free, fair and credible polls”, their original intention is deeply tucked behind the façade. They are vultures hovering over Zimbabwe waiting to ravage its carcass. Zimbabwe Government must select from good observer from from.the many who will flood the country in mobthsto cone.

The historically-literate  Africa with benefits of hindsight will appreciate the near collapse of African states that has  stemmed from this so called EU and USA  "observer missions"  and their dangerous gospel where even political miscreants who’ve ran short of luck Nelson Chamisa in Zimbabwe  will scream rigging as was the case of Kenya,  Sierra Leone, Senegal, Gambia and recently in Venezuela.

The Government of Zimbabwe and the patriotic Zimbabweans must guard against too many Foreign bad  Observers.  Some of  whom  are on the payroll  of George Soros and Vanguard Africa which create chaos after Election in Africa .The Kenyan scenario where Foreign observers became voters and disrupted the thinking of patriotic Kenyans is a case in hand. 

The writer is the chairman/CEO of Pan African Forum Ltd a Pan African  Think Tank based in Nairobi and London .Can be contacted on africastrategy@hotmail.com

God bless Zimbabwe

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