1. Each day I strive to write an article on Kenya not because my own country has no problems but because Kenya is the role model of Africa stability .I love Kenya as the the island of peace. Kenya touches my heart because it is a PIVOT of the Great Lakes Region of Africa .

2. Secondly I write an article everyday because as a Pan African volunteer I like to help President Uhuru Kenyatta to fight corruption and establish a corrupt free country in Africa .A stable none corrupt country builds and sustains a great EAST AFRICAN INTEGRATION .

3. Thirdly I write because I feel CORRUPTION is at the center of all this politicking that we see every where in Kenya and Africa .Corruption can cause a huge CONFLICT like it dead in the ROMAN EMPIRE of Julius CEASAR .

4. Let me state here that it is a sticky time and a rough year for the corrupt elements in the JUDICIARY . President Uhuru Kenyatta and now the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga have all agreed that the Judiciary is the obstacle in the fight against corruption .

5. It is good that at least I have been VINDICATED here when I said CJ Maraga is INCOMPETENT .The fight against corruption menace must go on uninterrupted . For the two to leave a clean legacies they must help to corruption in Judiciary .,

6. In that spirit nothing will be spared in the quest to slay the graft that has been mauling the country's economic fabrics. Kenyans and Kenyan friends must help the Government of UHURU Kenyatta to fight the cartels in the judiciary.

7. The laxity and the lack of good will that the judiciary has shown in the agitation to rid Kenya from the hands of the cartels points to a certain conclusion : that the judiciary is part and parcel of the problem.

8. A serious audit into the conduct of some top judiciary personalities and a subsequent purge remains the only remedy now. Heads have to roll. 
Chief Justice David Maraga on many instances conceded that their is rampant corruption in his institution.

9. That claim is well documented and a simple search on Internet shall show you that. Surprisingly, no action has been initiated by Maraga to ensure accountability and integrity has been restored in this crucial arm of the government.

10. The rot in the system is what has aided the corruption index to skyrocket. The cartels and the looters take advantage in the loopholes in the courts to bribe themselves out or get a favourable bail terms. Then return to destroy EVIDENCE

11. To effectively terminate the looting conduits and seal off all the avenues the corrupt use to swindle the taxpayers money, the JUDICIARY has to be fixed FIRST .

12. The root causes of all the problems facing Kenyans emanate from a weak and corrupt judiciary headed by incompetent Maraga and DCJ Mwilu . I have no regrets for anything I have written about Judiciary because I have data .

13. That's the bitter truth. So President UHURU Kenyatta and Kenyans MUST fix the JUDICIARY by SHIPPING MARAGA OUT

God bless Kenya

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