1. Today is my Birthday and on this day my wish is not to celebrate but make a statement on the state of Corruption in Africa and especially in the most beloved nation of Kenya.

2. I have chosen Kenya because it is the hub of economic activities in the entire Africa . It is also the NERVE CENTER of Pan African dream which most Pan African Presidents on the continent value. The honor Kenya gets innAfrica is huge.

3. But that aside CORRUPTION has reduced this great continent of Africa and Kenya in particular as a struggling third world country and continent respectively .

4. Shortly after independence, the economic growth of most Africa and the index were at par with Singapore and Malaysia. But Africa dropped the Social Contract after independence by allowing greed.

5. Today it's an insult to compare Africa with these two countries in Asia which have progressed due to the courtesy of their anti-corruption stance. They are called the TIGER ECONOMIES.


6. In Kenya for example , when an individual who embezzled billions of taxpayers money is arrested people tend to flock to courts and police stations to show solidarity with a thief.

7. Again in Kenya people tend to play the tribal card to whip up ethnic emotions in a bid to protect someone who has benefited himself at the expense of development for the country. Take the question of Maize scandal and fertilizer scandals.

8. President¬†Uhuru Kenyatta¬†‘s Big 4 agenda is one ambitious blueprint meant to propel the country to great height of progression. However , the cartels in the system are colluding with civil servants to divert funds for the projects to their private accounts. This is disheartening.

9. The implementation of the Big 4 Agenda and it's fruits will only be realised once we exorcise the ghost of CORRUPTION and condemn the perpetrators to a long jail terms.

10. However these will only remain just a dream if the KENYAN JUDICIARY continues to dine and wine with the same thieves that the DPP NIS &DCI have painfully helped to investigate and brought to courts.

11. President Uhuru Kenyatta has been steadfast in his fight to dismantle the cartels and the looters from the system. If the JUDICIARY shows the same energy and zeal , KENYA could have contained THE CORRUPTION MENACE.

12. On this Birthday of mine I wish all Kenyans and Africans a corrupt free economy that will change the lives of the people of Africa and Kenya in particular.

Long live Africa Long Live Kenya

Dr David Nyekorach Matsanga



God bless Africa

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