In summary as Political scientist I just want to warn the people if Africa that Cameroon is a dead country. For more than 2 years I have spoken of this conflict and the AU has not taken it serious and now it is blowing towards a full scale war .

Below is what I have categorized the current situation of Paul Biya’s Country that bleeds .

-The land of generals without war
-professors without discovery, 
-Politicians without ideology,, 
-Wealth without prosperity, 
-Leaders without vision
-The oppressed without worries
-Courts without Justice
-History without glory
-Heroes without honor
-Schools without learning
-lntellectuals without thought
-Terrorists without identity, 
-Change without progress
-Next level without foundation
-Democracy without citizens
-Unity without love
-Heroes without sacrifice
-Policies without plans
-saints without humility
-Integrity without performance
-Wars without enemies
-Billionaires without business
-Youth without dreams
-Elders without wisdom.

Why has God not listened to the people of Southern Cameroon why ? Why hasn’t God given them a chance to leave Cameroon ? The struggle therefore opens up a debate about integration of Africa .

At the centre of all the debate lies France a member of the UN Security Council that vetoes everything good regarding its former colonies .

The suffering in Southern Cameroon has reached a proportion than needs international intervention to save the people there.

I have done my best to save Africa and I have done my best to warn Africa against French operations in Africa .The conflicts that we see in DRC, CAR and in South Sudan are fueled by France .

If the world does not listen let God listen and take the burden away from the people of Ambazonia

God bless

Dr.David Nyekorach-Matsanga

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