1. Pan African Forum wishes to issue the following statement regarding events in Africa. The events in most parts Africa are worrying. Central African Republic is once more descending into chaos. The rebels helped by some AU countries have threatened the peace there and the situation is fluid

2. Pan African Forum notes that a continuous unrest in Cameroon where killings continue without the intervention of AU or UN.The suffering of the civilians trapped in the war and the torture by Cameroon army has not been condemned.

3. In Chad ,farmers and Fulani herders are killing each other and President Idriss Deby is looking elsewhere. Scores have already been killed, attracting the a backlash.The situation is worse and the native Dr.Faki of AU has not even bothered to know .

4. Pan African Forum is observing the situation in Uganda where campaigns for 2021 January Elections are violent and point towards violence contested results .Even before elections take place there are serious signals that it will not be free and fair ELECTIONS.

5. On Saturday the EC cancelled campaigns in 30% of the electoral area in Uganda because of what they termed as Covid 19 situation..Opposition has cried foul because it had not campaigned in these areas that its strongholds That shows the results will be hotly contested by the participants and supporters

6. It must be noted that several supporters have been shot at and clobbered by security agencies that are caught on camera and not punished by the authorities yet .All these dont bring PEACE in the Region..

7. Pan African Forum calls upon South Africa as the current Chair of AU to immediately call for an Extra Ordinary Summit of AU to discuss these hot spots before they take a different direction. The suffering of people these countries is a concern to millions of peace lovers.

Dr.David Matsanga
Chairman PAF

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