1.On behalf of my self Dr David Nyerekoach Matsanga and on behalf Pan Africa Forum (UK) Ltd we wishe President E. D. Mnangagwa and the entire people of Zimbabwe a Happy 41st Independence anniversary .

2. Zimbabwe's Indipendence is significant for Africa as it encompasses economic Indipendence which the the imperialists have been trying to fight since 2000.

3. Pan Africa Forum (UK)Ltd shall stand by Zimbabwe by telling the true Zimbabwean story to the outside world. Zimbabwe has stood tall despite being under economic sanctions since 2000 and its one of the nations whose Pan Africanists Agenda is unwavering despite it being vilified by the imperialists.

4. PAN African FORUM LTD as a media entity shall continue to play its part in fighting negative media publicity meant to tarnish the image Zimbabwe by hostile nations and their agents.

5. The gains of Zimbabwe's second republic under the able leadership of Cde Emerson D. Mnangagwa are a testimony that Africa has come of age and can succeed without the help of imperialists.

6. Zimbabwe has endured a lot of pain mainly due to its bold decision of giving the means of production to its people, the distribution of land marked the most important part of Indipendence which was the reason for protracted liberation struggle.

7. The economic Independence which Zimbabwe embarked upon is significant for Africa and as Africans we need to be masters of our own destiny through controlling and owning economic means.

8. Happy 41st anniversary, Aluta Continua Zimbabwe THANKS Dr David Nyekorach -Matsanga CHAIRMAN PAN AFRICAN FORUM.(UK) LTD 18.04 2021 LONDON

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