1. I have come under heavy attack by those surrogates of corruption and those who represent illicit operations of money laundering and MAFIA networks that molest Africa. But I am not shaken because I tell the truth based on facts not fiction.

2. I am one person who likes to stand for a better Africa no matter what conditions I find my self in. When no Kenyan spoke against the FAKE ICC CASES I stood firm from 2008 and exposed the same ICC operations that came to pass. So like me hate me I will always stand and expose any malaise that wants to sink Kenya into a crisis.

3. I will not behave like some Professors in Africa who might have read politics from Ford Foundation corridors and George Soros systems of Open Society Foundation .I don’t play Machiavellian politics of “highest bidder” with Africa.I have patriotism in me. I stand by the truth and I have no regrets for supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta.

4. “It is better to be hated for what you are,than to be loved for what you are not. Be transparent,Be honest,Be truthful.....Yes,stand for what is right even if you will have to suffer opposition for it”

5. That is what I am and I stand for unity of Kenya and Africa and I believe the only man able to bring about that the unity Kenya wants now is President Uhuru Kenyatta under the guidance of a Handshake model and “Building Bridges”.redemption strategy.

6. The rest of Political outbursts and political operators bring in corrupt ideas of Machiavellian politics that is manufactured by illicit traffickers corruption and their span boys who receive handouts for weekly operations so as to protect their masters from LIFE AUDIT .

7. The entire Kenyan saga started when those allegedly accused of being corrupt or adversely mentioned by the public started diversionary tactics because President Uhuru Kenyatta wanted accountability. It is the fear of accountability that has caused politic panic. Let that truth sink in first.

8. I still maintain that the role of the President is to direct the nation and guide it to its final destination. The first thing President Uhuru Kenyatta did after a chaotic elections last 2017 was to put Kenya first .

9. By having a handshake with Raila Odinga to temporary heal the rifts that had emerged after the 2017 Election , Uhuru Kenyatta scored the highest respect worldwide . He silenced the critics and gave Kenya a new lease of life .

10.?The country seem to be jumping from one frying pan to fire every time the the word corruption is mentioned and any visitor coming into Kenya will feel a sense of dishonesty by some leaders who don’t want to publicly be audited.

11. There are those who who refer to Singapore as a country that developed but Singapore had to do an life audit and some senior Ministers ended in life imprisonment and others were put on firing squad. That is how the Asian tiger grew

12.!President Uhuru Kenyatta cannot put people on firing squad because the law of the Republic of Kenya does not allow that to happen. Those who are adversely mentioned for economic crimes must come out openly and stop glossing over corruption .

13. Pretending to be upright by using “public emotions” through rallies and sweet talking the kenyan citizens into despondency will not help the President and the Government of Kenya .

14. The truth is that all these pseudo operation by cartels and mafia Kings were triggered by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to fight corruption in order to keep a legacy and a nation called Kenya.

15. I am not perturbed by those who “swallowed” too much and are about to vomit the same loot or have tried to hide the loot in the names of their families or wives or above all relatives and friends across borders of Kenya and international banks like those in Switzerland.

16. My observation is regarding the same is for Kenya and the Government to stop the current politicking theatrics that can rekindle the crisis and chaos that Kenya saw after Elections . The question of REFERENDUM can be addressed in the “BUILDING OF BRIDGES “ and the hyper is not necessary. The recommendations from the committee might help the nation and set direction.

17. In my conclusion I believe that Peace lies in the REDEMPTION STRATEGY that President UHURU Kenyatta and Raila Odinga started . The 14 man Committee of “Building Bridging” MUST SPEEDY UP and make their work public to Kenyans sooner than later.

18. Let the findings of the committee and its documents be known to many Kenyans so that the sharp sentiments that politicians are spewing in political rallies are resolved by the REPORT that will be presented to the President.

19. As a Conflict Resolution scholar I believe that most of Kenya’s problems lie in the expected HEALING SOLUTION . Dr. Kimani and Lawyer Mwangi led recommendations can form a platform for future CURE of CONFRONTATIONAL politics that affects Kenya and kills many nations in Africa.

God bless

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